Re-Supply Service


We offer re-supply service en-route for athletes who plan to enter the race unsupported. However, it is strongly advised that one assistant / supporter / second be with you to aid a team or individual during the race.


For Individuals and Teams that do not have an assistant available we offer a re-supply service. You will need to pre-book this service with entry.


The race organisers will issue you with a re-supply box per re-supply station. The re-supply box will be a plastic container with a lit. Cable ties will be provided for each box for you to secure it. Labels will be provided at registration so as to mark your bag clearly. The organizers will move your re-supply box for you to the appropriate re-supply point per indicated on your box label. The points along the route where the box will be available to the athlete are as below and will be re-confirmed at the race registration. These points will be roughly 24 hrs walking distance apart. At the end of the race all re-supply boxes remains the property of the X-Berg Challenge organisers.


There are charging facilities at these re-supply points as well as opportunity to refill with water.


Re-supply points are as below and the GPS co-ordinates of these points will be made available to athletes making use of these services.


2018 Re-Supply Points:
Re-supply point 1 – Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge Reception area (not at Sentinel Car Park)
Re-supply point 2 – Mnweni Cultural Village Reception area (not at the bottom of Rockeries)
Re-supply point 3 – Base of Mike’s Pass (not at Didima Lodge Reception or at the Didima Camping Ground)
Re-supply point 4 - Monk’s Cowl Ezemvelo Gate Car Park area
Re-supply point 5 - White Mountain Resort Reception area