Race Overview


The X-BERG CHALLENGE is an adventure race between paraglider vs. runner vs. cyclist for Athletes looking for a twist.

The challenge is to fly, run and cycle along a pre-set race route across the Drakensberg, South Africa. The length of the route may differ from race to race (I.e. between 2013 and 2018) but will be around 90 km - 180 km as the crow flies. The aim of the race is to finish as quickly as possible travelling only by paraglider, foot or bicycle (either you are carrying “IT” or “IT” is carrying you). After starting teams will travel past pre-determined “turn points” en-route. These turn points along with the overall route will be defined by the Race Committee. The Athlete who completes the route and reaches the finish first shall be declared the winner of the race.


The GPX route will be made available to all competitors prior to the race. Proposed routes for the mountain bikers, paragliders and trail runners are also given. This route will be along existing single track/paths and rural roads and is not the run of the mill race with cut paths, one may have to dismount to cross some rivers. The mountain bikers are to only use public roads and jeep tracks within KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife Parks areas and not footpaths to navigate their route. All competitors are to adhere to KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife Park Rules.