Minimum Equipment

For participants in the various disciplines as follows:


1. A Paragliding is considered to be 16m2 (laid out surface) or more. With regards to Mountain Bikes any form of bike may be used as long as it is not motorized in any way. The runners may run in any shoes they wish.

2. The Athlete must always carry or fly with the minimum equipment. The X-BERG CHALLENGE minimum equipment must consist of the following:

2.1 Paragliders; at least one paraglider, one harness, one emergency parachute, one helmet, one mobile phone, one GPS-­Tracking-­Device, one Back‐up GPS – PLUS Minimum equipment (see Race Details page).

2.2 Cyclists, at least one bike, one helmet, one mobile phone, one GPS-Tracking-Device, one Back-up GPS – PLUS Minimum equipment (see Race Details page).

2.3 Runners, one mobile phone, one GPS‐Tracking­‐Device, one Back­‐up GPS – PLUS Minimum equipment (see Race Details page).

3. The Athlete should carry an emergency receiver during the race. This is strongly recommended by the Race Committee but not mandatory. The correct clothing / survival gear as necessary for the race is also essential.

4. Every Athlete will carry a GPS-Tracking-Device and or downloadable App, which the organizers will put at their disposal for the duration of the race.

5. In addition to the GPS-Tracking-Device, every Athlete is advised to carry a GPS Logger. Each team is responsible for its own track log.

6. Any Athlete caught by the Race Committee during a spot check not carrying his X-BERG CHALLENGE Minimum Equipment will be disqualified immediately from the race.

7. The X-BERG CHALLENGE’s Minimum Equipment is not allowed to be exchanged during the race. The only exception is if the equipment is damaged or stolen, in which case the Race Committee must be informed immediately. Teams will be subjected to 24 hours penalty time for each failure to comply with this rule.


Minimum equipment

1 x live tracker (given by race organisers)

1 x live tracker spare battery / solar charger or similar devise for charging

1 x mobile phone

1 x mobile phone spare battery / solar charger or similar device for charging

1 x Race Tag with emergency numbers

Min 500 ml of water

1 x emergency blanket and basic

First aid kit

1 x warm jacket, and Wind Breaker with Hood

Emergency snack (enough food to survive 48 hours)

GPS logger – to use as back up navigation (and compass)

Paper map of area, if you feel you require one