Inside Story

Jeremy Holdcroft
A Flying Chop

He has a passion for adventure from sailing, flying paragliders and other small aircraft to hiking and climbing. He can also play the piano and appreciate...

Andrew van Rensburg's Expert advise

It’s an interesting and tough challenge, from plotting your routes to climbing and descending the beautiful mountains in...

Andrew Porter - The real dragon slayer's tips

I believe the best training is to go out there and practise the route. Figure out where the paths are or are not. Work out how...

Guy Pitman
Naturally fit

So I don’t know if this will be much help as I don’t really do any specific training and just try to keep the fitness up. The X–Berg falls a couple of weeks after...

A personal report back on the 2014
X-Berg Challenge by Andrew Porter

The X-Berg challenge is a fresh concept developed by Pierre Carter, Linda Willemse and Alistair Stuart...

Mbulelo Thinta
The Awakening!

The abyss at times may feel like it will never end, so preparation for times of physical and mental strain combined must be something all race participants are ready for...

June Fabian
Reflections from a Rookie

I am not a trail runner, nor am I an adventure racer. But for the spectacular scenery, the incredible adventure and really awesome people, I signed up for X-Berg...

Marianne Schwankhart's

The best piece of advice I ever got for any training is to train in the terrain and distances you’re planning on racing. For the X-Berg Challenge, you definitely have to...

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